I’ve just added categories to this blog, due to what appears to be popular demand. I saw too many hits coming from people who Googled key phrases together with the name of this blog, which suggests the blog itself needs a better internal search; here it is. I’ll add more categories if there’s demand, especially cities or regions I revisit.

On another note, if anyone knows how to lift the comment moderation rule that holds up every comment with more than one link, please let me know. Since everyone’s first comment is held anyway, and so far I’ve had no spam sneak past the filter, this rule is redundant.


  1. Stephen Smith

    FYI, the categories are linking back to WordPress’ general repository. So “Personal/Admin” is okay since nobody else on WordPress seems to use that exact string, but “Israel” is 100% other people’s posts.

    • Alon Levy

      Ah, yes, I see. If you want to see categories exclusive to this blog, click on the category link on the right-hand bar, rather than on those below each post.

  2. Joshua

    Regarding the links issue – go to “Discussion Settings” in wordpress and then scroll down a bit to “comment moderation” settings and then you can change the number of links that will lead to a comment being held for moderation.

    I have it on five which seems to work well.

    • Alon Levy

      Thanks a bunch.

      It also has a knob that lets me decide how far to let comments nest. It used to be 3; it is now 5. It may slightly break old threads that I’m in, since I write comments via the Dashboard and can specify who I’m replying to (and thus some of my comments went down to the 4th level already) whereas other people write comments on the blog itself and can’t reply to last-level comments. But I checked the threads on the front page and they’re fine now.

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