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I have a Patreon! If you like my analysis, please consider contributing. I publish both analytic and reported pieces in a variety of media outlets (see sidebar on the right), ranging from local to international, but some subjects are inherently a harder sell. For example, if I want to write about Boston, then I have to say something of interest to a broad enough audience to sell the piece to Streetsblog (see here on Governor Charlie Baker and here on the Fairmount Line), because the local magazine, Commonwealth, doesn’t pay.

I do regular polls for which subject I should tackle; you need to be contributing at least $2/month to participate.

All of my posts are public, but at $5/month I share some tidbits that didn’t make the cut in published pieces due to length or flow.

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Patreon processes payments on the first of every month; if you subscribe on the first, you will be charged only starting the next month. In August 2017 I got $387. My initial target was $200; my next goal is about $600, which should let me commit to two posts a week. (It’s not linear, for two reasons: my $0 posting schedule is not zero but 1-3 posts per month, and committing to multiple posts per week starts constraining my ability to crunch at busy times for other publications.)