I’m Giving a Talk About Construction Costs Tomorrow

By popular demand, I’m giving the talk I gave 2 weeks ago at NYU, again. The database will be revised slightly to include more examples (like Ukraine, which I added between when I gave the talk and when I blogged about it), and I may switch around a few things, but it should be similar to what I already said.

Where? Halyards in Brooklyn at 3rd Avenue and 6th Street, near the 4th Avenue/9th Street subway stop where the F/G and R intersect.

When? Monday December 2nd at 9 pm, for an hour.

Do I need to RSVP? No.

Will there be food? To some extent – the bar has minimal selection, although what it does have on the menu seems better for the price than most American bar food (which, to be fair, is like saying “better public transportation than Los Angeles”).


  1. Daniel

    Did you happen to record either of the two talks? I am just kind of used to it since my school records everything on Panopto.

  2. OaktownPRE

    Did the talk cover how the the so-called DTX project in San Francisco can possibly cost $6 billion to go less than two miles?

    • Alon Levy

      😦 No, I specifically excluded regional rail. (And I think the $6 billion pricetag isn’t just that tunnel but also a few other tunnels, which are mostly gratuitous.)

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