New York-Area Track Maps

The original purpose of this blog was to give me a domain name to upload things related to transit. The resource I was uploading was track maps of the New York area due to Rich E Green, whose site unexpectedly vanished last month without caching the maps on Google. Here are the maps I’d saved or gotten from helpful commenters:

NEC in Maryland and DC

If you have any of the rest of the maps, please send them over so that I can make them publicly available again.

Update: all links scrubbed 12/7 by the author’s request, due to copyright issues.


  1. PeakVT

    I have an additional map from 2007 called NYCTrackMapV3.pdf if you want it. It seems to be LIRR+MNR east of the Hudson. And I have an older version of the MNR map called MNRRTrackMapV3.pdf.

  2. Nathanael

    Does anyone know a PDF viewer for Linux which can handle these files without crashing or giving up before getting to a reasonable zoom level? 😛

  3. political_i

    Wayback machine did not give me the track map for RI. If you look up his information, apparently the address and phone number for him are for everyone to see. So when you get a domain name, make sure they cannot post your information online.

  4. GoYankees

    Not sure if this will be of much help, but I found a link to track maps of the entire NYC subway system at this link:

    It doesn’t have the Staten Island Railway but it’s the track maps for the entire subway system in the other 4 boroughs.

  5. Tony

    There are also some full sets of signal diagrams for the entire subway system floating around. I’m one of the lucky ones who had someone on the inside let me have them 😀

  6. Andrew W

    Hi, I am also interested in Rich E Green’s maps. My email is quadcorder at the webmail service run by Google. Is there any way we could talk?

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