More Track Maps

A kind reader sent me the two maps on Rich E Green’s now-offline website that I did not have, namely maps of all of Connecticut and Rhode Island. These join earlier maps I’d posted of the Northeast Corridor in Maryland, and the commuter railroads in the Mid-Atlantic, separated into Long Island, Metro-North and Empire South, and New Jersey Transit and SEPTA.

Update: based on request by the author, I took down all the maps, and scrubbed the links.


      • Andrew W

        Hi Alon,
        Sorry if I’m posting this everywhere, but I’m really interested in Rich E Green’s maps. I only have copies of some of them. My email address is quadcorder, at the webmail service run by Google. Would you contact me and I can give you a way to send them to me without them being public or you having to host them?
        I already have a few of the maps, but cannot find LIRR in 2009, or anything for CT/RI or MD.
        Thank you,

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