Quick Note: No More Track Maps

I regret to say that I’ve taken down the track maps by Rich E Green that I’d hosted, in accordance with requests by him and by his employer, to whom he sold the maps. This involves breaking past links; I will put notices in past posts of mine that link to them, including a brief description to what is seen in the maps when necessary, and I encourage others to do the same.


  1. Alon Levy

    While looking at back pages to see where I need to make edits, I discovered some of my links don’t work because of how WordPress interprets URLs that do not include http. Those are being fixed as well. Since WordPress has a habit of sending trackbacks it missed when a post is edited, you may see new trackbacks coming from old posts, including auto-trackbacks.

  2. Báyron

    A shame, they were purty maps. I have little understanding of transportation issues but I do appreciate a good minimalist map. Perhaps they’ve ended up on Tumblr.

    • Alon Levy

      I didn’t miss the maps – the links are dead. I’m just systematically going back through the posts, and I haven’t gotten that far back. I will, soon.

      Update: I forgot – the Wayback machine doesn’t work, or at least didn’t when I tried. It shows the front page, but doesn’t archive PDF files. That’s why I uploaded them to this blog – otherwise I’d have directly linked to the archived versions.

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  4. dejv

    Personal note: it’s a pity that the maps weren’t made public under creative commons or similar license. That way, you wouldn’t have to pull the maps even after somebody acquires them.

  5. Nathanael

    This falls in the “copyright is bullshit” department. The maps will never make his employer any money, but they will now be suppressed, and someone will have to redo them. 😛

    Well, glad to see he got a little cash from his employer for them.

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