The Sweden Cost Report is Launched!

You can read it here. It evolved a lot during writing, partly because of the rising costs in the Nordic countries, partly because of the tension between the forward-looking rhetoric of what the report calls the globalized system and what interviewees with more practical involvement have said, partly because of the voluminous literature on models of capital construction and maintenance that only look at Northern Europe or the UK.

In a similar manner to the webinar about the Italian and Turkish cases, there is going to be a webinar about this one. The date is the 20th of September, 17:00 Central European Summer Time (UTC+2); here is the Zoom registration page. It will take the format of a short presentation, around half an hour, to be followed by a Q&A of indefinite duration, and I will try not to be mostly negative – even with the cost overruns, Nya Tunnelbanan is noticeably cheaper per km than the average 2020s subway, and there are a lot of commendable aspects of the Nordic model of infrastructure construction including at least one (labor efficiency) that is superior to the otherwise-cheaper Southern European models.


  1. Axel

    Thank you so much for all you’re and the rest of the teams hard work. Love the project so much, cheaper transit for all! (hopefully)

  2. Chad Oliver

    The report’s introduction states that “the commuter rail tunnel Citybana opened in 2016 and the system is currently carrying 410,300 passengers a year”. Is that number correct? I’m not familiar with Stockholm at all so I could be totally wrong, but 410,300 seems like a figure I’d expect for the daily ridership not the annual ridership.

  3. Ernest Tufft

    I’ve been traveling through Ukraine. Kharkiv and Kyiv has same Soviet era underground metro train systems. Right now, public transit is free in both cities. I like these old train systems and wonder if you can report on them.

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