I’m Giving a Talk in New York on 3/3

We’re launching the Transit Costs Project conclusion and New York case this Friday at 3 pm. Unlike the October panel, this will not be moderated – Eric, Elif, and I will just talk about our report and take questions from the audience. While the talk will almost certainly be recorded, if you’re in the area you should still come in-person in order to be able to ask questions and interact.

As in our October event, the location is room 1201 of 370 Jay Street in Brooklyn, right on top of the subway stop that carries its name with A/C, F, and R service, and not far from other Downtown Brooklyn stops like Borough Hall on the 2/3/4/5, DeKalb Avenue on the B/Q, and Hoyt-Schermerhorn on the G. The building has access control so please tell us your name and email on this RSVP form so that security will know you can get in. If you crash the event you may still be allowed in but I won’t know until the day of, so do RSVP if you think you may attend; technically the room is capped at 180 people, around half seated, but I don’t expect to fill to even seated capacity, so don’t worry about taking someone else’s place.


  1. Navid

    Any updates on the RPA’s Fourth Regional Plan summary? Any plans on forwarding the Transit Costs Project conclusion to the RPA?

    • Alon Levy

      [I killed a duplicate.]

      You mean the plan from a few years ago? I blogged about it but we weren’t planning on interfacing with it; for a while we were thinking of doing some crayon of what $50 billion would buy at normal costs but we descoped that.

  2. Gregory Homatas

    Was this panel discussion at NYU recorded? Would you be able to post a link or tell us the platform YouTube etc and website?

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